Recipe of the week: Tartare and Rosè!

A simple and delicious recipe, fresh and tasty, combined with our Rosato Basilicata I.G.T.

At the base a frisella of stale bread, in the center a cream cheese consisting of Philadelphia, parsley and chives, on top a fresh salmon tartare marinated with oil, lime, pink pepper and a pinch of salt, to garnish all the tufts of chives.

This dish is highlighted by the transversality and ductility of our rosé wine, which with its hints of strawberry and its minerality and flavor gives freshness and pleasantness to the palate, perfectly contrasting the sweetness of the fish.

We advise you to serve this wine in a flat-bottomed glass with a high enough neck so as to bring out the aromas and freshness of the wine.

Serve at 8 ° - 10 ° 

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